Super Sunday Party Games

January 31, 2024

The final football game of the year always brings with it a reason to celebrate with some friends and family. Regardless of how many people you’re watching with having games around the game always make things better. Here are some ways to spice of your football party:

Super Bowl Prop Poll: Print off this sheet from and let your party guests make predictions on who will win, the final score, and much more. You can have a friendly wager with this one or just play for fun.

Commercial Bingo:  Here you can find all of the resources needed to create free, printable Super Bowl bingo cards where you get to cross off a square when you see certain companies’ Super Bowl commercials.  The Super Bowl commercials are half the fun of the game and this will keep your guests watching.

Football Trivia: Who is the  expert at your party? Test your guests’ expertise on past title games. The great thing about this game is that even those who are not experts can play. Put together teams. Hang up old newspaper articles, magazine pictures, clippings, and Internet articles. Laminate pictures of past and present football players to be used as placemats. Use the articles and pictures as part of your party décor and create a list of Trivia questions from these decorations. Here’s a printable trivia game ready to go that I found online.

Keyword Drinking Game: Create a list of ten words that would be common to hear during this game. Assign a value to each word. Some words could include: replay, dynasty, prediction, touchdown, wide right, or the name of a player. If you assign the value two to “replay,” then everyone would take to two drinks. Kids can get involved in this game, and it will keep them entertained listening for the words. Of course, give them one of their favorite drinks, such as punch or soda.

Pass the Cup: The first person to get the cup puts a dollar in the cup. If that person says “touchdown” then for each play that is not a touchdown, the cup will get passed and another dollar will be added. When a touchdown is scored, the person holding the cup will get the cash. Then the game starts over. Kids can play with candy in their own little circle.

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