How to Throw the Perfect Super Bowl Party

January 31, 2024

The Super Bowl is one of the major sporting events many people look forward to watching or attending each year. Happily, you can be part of all the action by throwing the perfect party and inviting all your friends and family to view the game and celebrate with you!

It’s a wise idea to decide that you’re going to host well in advance of the big game, so you have plenty of time to get organized. It may not be a bad idea to enlist the help of your spouse, kids or a good friend since there’s a lot to do and only one of you.

Start Planning Early & Create A Budget

You can throw the perfect super bowl party by beginning the planning process early. You want to confirm everyone knows you’re going to be hosting and that they should save the date on their calendar. It is a good time to start a checklist and begin sorting through all the different details you’re going to have to take care of. Your event will be that much more successful when you work ahead and aren’t rushing around at the last minute trying to finalize all that goes into throwing a big party. Also, take the time to create a budget you can follow because by doing so, you won’t overspend. 

Be Picky about the Guest List

Remember that although you may think you want your party to be a larger gathering initially, it could be in your best interest to keep it smaller. This way, you won’t need as much space or have to purchase as much food and can save a little money. Also, think about who you truly want there by your side cheering on the teams and who might end up being too loud or cause problems at your party. Start making a list of guests and then begin to narrow it down depending on what you think you have room for and your budget.

Select an Attractive Venue

There are a wide variety of options for where you can host your big Super Bowl party, so it’s time to get creative and start coming up with ideas! One option is to hold your event at a local or favorite bar in the neighborhood and rent out a space you and your guests can take over. On the other hand, it might be easier for you to simply invite everyone over to your house where it’s comfortable. If you do have people over, make sure you take time to clean your home ahead of time and make it look nice and inviting.

Have Plenty of Food & Drinks

Your guests are likely going to show up to your party hungry and thirsty, so it’s in your best interest to have plenty of food and drinks available! Bear in mind that if kids will be attending your party, you’ll also want to have options for them handy. The menu is the most essential part of your get together because people will always be judging how good of a time they had by how they thought the food tasted. Consider opting for catering to your event if you’re short on time or don’t want to have to be in the kitchen all day.

Play Games & have Prizes

It’s always fun to have a couple of games for people to participate in since it’s a long game, especially you’re inviting kids. Go online and research different party game ideas and pick a few that you think will be the most entertaining. Also, have prizes for the winners to make it more competitive and exciting for all. People will likely want to watch the commercials and halftime shows, so either have games that aren’t too time-consuming or start playing them early on before the game when people are arriving.

Take Time to Decorate

Additional advice for throwing the perfect Super Bowl party is to take the time to decorate the space. You want it to look and be festive and also make sure you’re representing both teams if you have people attending who are cheering on each opponent. Head to a party store and pick out balloons, streamers and scatter inflatable footballs around the room. You want your event to feel like a football party and not just another day hanging out with friends. Use the team colors of who’s playing to help dictate your party color scheme and theme.

Confirm there’s Plenty of Seating

Your Super Bowl party will be that much more successful when there’s plenty of space for people to move around and sit. Confirm there’s enough seating well ahead of time once you receive back your RSVP’s of who will be coming to your party. If you’re hosting the event at your house, then think about renting extra tables and chairs if you don’t have enough seats to go around. However, if your party is at a bar, then work with management to ensure they’ll have enough stools or chairs for each of your guests to relax and feel comfortable. Although a lot of people will likely be up and walking around or standing cheering, there will be times when your guests will want to rest their legs.


Use this advice to help you throw the perfect Super Bowl party for you and your guests. You won’t regret starting to plan and get the details in order well ahead of time, so don’t delay once you commit to hosting this event. Come up with a checklist you can follow and write down all of your to-dos, so you don’t miss out on any crucial tasks. Work hard ahead of time so that you can also sit back and relax and enjoy the big game on the day of your party. Do your best and then observe what elements you want to change or do better for the next time you decide to throw a party.

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