Favorite Sports Places

March 17, 2021

Next month marks the 2021 Keeneland Spring Meet in Lexington, KY and with that a chance for me to visit one of my favorite places on earth. It easily tops the list of one of my favorite sports places.

When you think of race tracks, you often get an immediate picture of what it looks like. Keeneland is the exact opposite of that. It is beautiful and elegant. The races are always good and the atmosphere is electric.

When my dad passed away over nine years ago he asked to be cremated. It was a thought at first I didn’t quite understand, but knowing it was his wish we all obliged.

Since that time my siblings and I have taken dad all of over the world. Most of his ashes were spread in Murrell’s Inlet down in Pawley’s Island, S.C. My brother took some of Chief with him on his recent trip to Ireland.

Shortly after he died, I took some of his ashes with me to the Kentucky Derby. Not only did I go to have my greatest day of betting on ponies ever, we sprinkled some of my dad on the Churchill dirt after the final race came to an end.

As sports fans we have places that are dear to our heart too. If you were to choose to be cremated, what sports places would you want to have your ashes spread?

Here is my complete list of favorite sports places:

Keeneland – I love Lexington, especially in October with the fall scenery, but I won’t turn down a trip in April either. Enjoy a tailgate on the rolling hills of the parking lot before or after the races, or better yet make the trip on a charter bus and let someone else do the driving.

Churchill Downs (on Derby Day) – Sticking to my Bluegrass roots and staying in the spirit of Chief, Churchill Downs on the first Saturday in May is magical. From the singing of My Old Kentucky Home to the mint juleps, it’s a day filled with great traditions.

Great American Ballpark – I’ve been to 23 MLB stadiums and like several, but the Reds are my hometown team. For the record of sports ashes though, my wife Kelly and I have been to 21 MLB stadiums together and are planning to get to all 30. If I were to pass away before getting there she’s been instructed to finish the trip and take me with her.

Safeco FieldT-Mobile Park – Of all the out-of-town stadiums I have visited, the Mariners’ home ball park was at the top of my list. From the great smells, to the great views I loved every part of this baseball mecca.

Doak Campbell Stadium – We lived in Tallahassee for two years and I got to spend many Saturdays at watching Florida State football during the Seminoles’ championship 1999 season.

Talladega Speedway – I only went there one time in my life and it was back when it was still the Winston Cup Series so things may have changed a bit. I spent that day in the infield. To say the day was a bit blurry is an understatement. I will never forget the rush of the cars racing by though.

Rupp Arena – It’s a bit outdated and that keeps it down on my list a bit, but man there’s nothing like seeing a college basketball inside Rupp Arena. There’s so much history in that place and well beyond just the great Kentucky Wildcats’ moments.

What places make your list? Tell me on Twitter @DanClasgens.

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