Fantasy Rankings: Entire NFL Playoffs

January 1, 2020

Just because your season-long league has ended, it doesn’t mean your fantasy season has to end too. Hopefully you’ve found your way into NFL Playoff Draft. It is one of my favorite postseason formats. Here are some of my recommendations along with some strategy to consider.

Before you can even begin to asses fantasy playoff rankings you have to figure out which teams you think will be playing the most games. Treat it like a NCAA bracket. Go game by game and until you get to a Super Bowl. Project scores for each game. Some games are tougher calls than others, but in the end all projections have to truly start here.

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Here’s the way I am projecting the entire playoff to go:

Texans 24, Bills 20
Patriots 27, Titans 23
Saints 31, Vikings 21
Seahawks 23, Eagles 20

49ers 28, Seahawks 23
Ravens 34, Texans 20
Cheifs 24, Patriots 17
Saints 27, Packers 24

Saints 31, 49ers 27
Ravens 34, Chiefs 30

Saints 31, Ravens 28

Based off that projection, here would be the number of games each team plays:

Saints – 4
Ravens – 3
49ers – 2
Chiefs – 2
Seahawks – 2
Texans – 2
Patriots – 2
Packers – 1
Titans – 1
Vikings – 1
Eagles – 1
Bills – 1

From there I do factor in probability as I come up with player projections. One thing about these playoff leagues that is vastly different than normal drafts is how quickly things dry up. Position scarcity is a big deal in six team leagues and really becomes a MAJOR factor in eight-team or larger formats. The size of your league will dictate greatly my overall rankings. This instance is based off six-team leagues which is the most common.


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