Waiver Wire Report: Week 3

September 17, 2019

Every week, the waiver wire gets thinner and thinner, but thanks to some big Week 2 injuries, there are some real options out there to fill holes in your roster for Week 3. Without further adieu, let’s dive and take a look at some options!

NOTE: All ‘Percent Rostered’ stats are based off ESPN.com fantasy leagues



I can’t remember a year with such big injuries so early at the quarterback position, but with Brees, Roethlisberger, Foles and Darnold all out for significant time, a lot of owners are looking for help at the quarterback position.


Andy Dalton, QB, Cin:
Percent Rostered: 9.8%
Stats thru Week 2: 729 yds, 4 TD, 1 Ints, 99.3 Rating
Apparently, few took my advice last week as Dalton is still available in more than 90% of leagues. Look, there is nothing sexy about Dalton, but from a fantasy perspective he is and always has been a solid start. Throw in the fact that the Bengals can’t run the ball and very well may be trailing often, Dalton is a valid starting option. Don’t look now, but two weeks in, only Patrick Mahomes has more passing yards than Dalton.


Jacoby Brissett, QB, Ind:
Percent Rostered: 12.0%
Stats thru Week 2: 336 yds, 5 TD, 1 Ints, 24 yds rushing
He hasn’t thrown for a bunch of yards, but that is likely to change as the season goes on and he does have five touchdowns. Now, is Brissett likely to keep up that 40 touchdown pace? Of course not, but he has a good line, a good running game and some quality receivers, so if you lost your starting quarterback this week, don’t sleep on Brissett.


Josh Allen, QB, Buf:
Percent Rostered: 30.0%
Stats thru Week 2: 507 yds, 2 TD, 2 Ints, 59 yds rushing, 2 rushing TDs
The stats aren’t great, but what he lacks in passing stats, he makes up for with his rushing. If you are like most leagues, rushing touchdowns count for more than passing touchdowns and Allen now has a rushing touchdown in both games this year.


Jimmy Garoppolo, QB, SF:
Percent Rostered: 24.3%
Stats thru Week 2: 463 yds, 4 TD, 2 Ints, 104.9 Rating
After an unimpressive Week 1, Garoppolo got to play the Bengals and looked a lot like Joe Montana against the Bengals. He has a good run game and some explosive weapons in the passing game and he is available in more than 75% of leagues.


Running Backs:

If you are looking for running backs already, chances are, things aren’t going well for you. Lucky for you, the waiver wire still has a few worthwhile options out there.


Carlos Hyde, RB, Hou:
Percent Rostered: 44.9%
Stats thru Week 2: 30 rush, 173 yds, 0 TDs 1 rec, 2 yds
After a solid first week, Hyde is still available in more than half the leagues. That won’t be true for long. Though he serves nearly no value in the passing game, Hyde seems to be leading the way for lead back in the Houston backfield. After two weeks, Hyde has averaged nearly 90 yards a game and while he hasn’t found the endzone, I don’t expect that to be an issue going forward.


Chris Thompson, RB, Was:
Percent Rostered: 51.7%
Stats thru Week 2: 5 rushes, 13 yds; 12 rec, 116 yds (18 targets)
Not many took my advice on Thompson either, but he has great value in PPR leagues. Despite the injury to Guice Thompson probably won’t net a lot of rushing yards, but through two games, he has been targeted 18 times in the passing game and more than 100 yards receiving. If you are in a PPR league and Thompson is available, pick him up!


Jaylen Samuels, RB, Pit:
Percent Rostered: 25.5%
Stats thru Week 2: 5 rushes, 22 yds; 2 rec, 15 yds
The Steelers had a back week with not just Roethlisberger going down, but James Connor as well. We don’t know how long Connor is out yet, but in his absence Samuels should get a bulk of Connor’s touches, meaning he is worthy of low level RB2 status.


Rex Burkhead, RB, NE:
Percent Rostered: 1.0%
Stats thru Week 2: 13 rushes, 65 yds; 7 rec, 88 yds (10 targets)
New England has so many weapons and you can never fully rely on any back in New England, but Burkhead seems to have a role on this team. With 10 targets and 153 yards from scrimmage, he is a good bench player and spot starter on bye weeks.


Wide Receivers:

Unlike the running back position, I am amazed by the options still out there at the wide receiver position.


John Ross III, WR, Cin:
Percent Rostered: 73.2%
Stats thru Week 2: 11 rec, 270 yds, 3 TD (20 targets)
Not shocking, but many didn’t buy into Ross’ big Week 1. Well, after two big weeks, your leader in receiving yards is none other than….yes, John Ross. Certainly he is not going to keep up these crazy numbers – especially when A.J. Green comes back, but after two weeks, Ross has 20 targets, 11 receptions, 270 yards and three long touchdown plays. I am surprised to see him still available in more than one out of every four leagues. That won’t be the case after this week, so if you are in one of the leagues where Ross is available, grab him while you can.


Marquise Brown, WR, Bal:
Percent Rostered: 73.9%
Stats thru Week 2: 12 rec, 233 yds, 2 TD (18 targets)
Another guy atop the receiving leaders list who is still available in more than 25% of leagues. Brown is third in the NFL in receiving yards with 233 and is part of an offense that is surprising teams with how much (and how effectively) they are throwing the football.


John Brown, WR, Buf:
Percent Rostered: 56.8%
Stats thru Week 2: 14 rec, 195 yds, 1 TD (18 targets)
Another solid option at receiver – especially in PPR leagues – is Buffalo’s John Brown. The Bills don’t throw a ton and Josh Allen isn’t the most accurate quarterback, but through two games, Brown has been targeted 18 times and pulled in 14 of those passes. There aren’t a lot of receiving options in Buffalo, so Brown is likely to hold his value.


Terry McLaurin, WR, Was:
Percent Rostered: 41.0%
Stats thru Week 2: 10 rec, 187 yds, 2 TD (16 targets)
Another guy who was here last week and apparently is still available in a lot of leagues. Washington doesn’t have a lot of pass catchers, and with Jordan Reed still out, they have even fewer at the moment. After two weeks, it appears like McLaurin is may be a legit WR option.


DJ Chark, WR, Jax:
Percent Rostered: 22.2%
Stats thru Week 2: 11 rec, 201 yds, 2 TD (13 targets)
Most everything I said for McLaurin, we could say about Chark. With rookie Gardner Minshew taking over, I was hesitant with Chark, but he put up good numbers again. Through two weeks, he has pulled in 11 of his 13 targets for 200+ yards and two touchdowns.


Demarcus Robinson, WR, KC:
Percent Rostered: 1.1%
Stats thru Week 2: 7 rec, 172 yds, 2 TD (8 targets)
With Tyreek Hill out, we new others would get opportunities. Last week, it was the revival of Sammy Watkins. This week, it was Robinson. I want to see more consistency, but after pulling in all six of his targets Sunday for two touchdowns and more than 170 yards, he is worth a spot on your bench to wait and see if this was a flash in the pan or a possible breakout player.


Nelson Agholor, WR, Phi:
Percent Rostered: 4.3%
Stats thru Week 2: 10 rec, 118 yds, 1 TD (16 targets)
The Eagles passing game has been decimated with injuries and with DeSean Jackson and Alshon Jeffrey dealing with soft tissue injuries, Agholor’s went very quickly from no value to lots of value. Whether or not he can repeat the production is the question, but he will certainly get the opportunity to do so.


Tight Ends:

Tight ends are always thin, but if you are in the market for a tight end, you are in luck and better hop on these guys early.


Mark Andrews, TE, Bal:
Percent Rostered: 71.3%
Stats thru Week 2: 16 rec, 220 yds 2 TD (17 targets)
How is this guy available in nearly 30% of leagues? If you are in one of those leagues, snap him up. Andrews has pulled in 16 of his 17 targets, has more back-to-back 100-yard games and two touchdowns. He is a TE1, yet available in nearly one out of every three leagues.


Darren Waller, TE, Oak:
Percent Rostered: 78.3%
Stats thru Week 2: 13 rec, 133 yds (15 targets)
Another guy who was here last week and saw his rostered percentage jump nearly 50%, I can assure you, he won’t be available much longer. Waller is a big, fast, explosive tight end who will present mismatches every game. Despite no touchdowns through the first two weeks, Waller is still a TE 1 and available still in more than 20% of leagues.


Will Dissly, TE, Sea:
Percent Rostered: 2.2%
Stats thru Week 2: 6 rec, 62 yds, 2 TD (7 targets)
One of my Week 1 sleepers who didn’t pan out, Dissly saved my credibility with his Week 2 performance in Pittsburgh. He has hauled in six of his seven targets this season and two of those six have gone for a touchdown. He is not a TE1, but he is certainly a worthy spot starter on by weeks.

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