Support #DoGoodFantasy during NFL playoffs

January 9, 2024

For the first time in nearly two decades I will not be running any fantasy contests during the fantasy playoffs due to some other personal priorities that require my attention and frankly just to take a bit of a much-needed break. It was a tough decision as I really enjoy playing in these formats and know so many of you do as well.

However, I am very excited to announce that there is a wonderful alternative for each of you to still play in a great game while supporting our nation’s heroes.

Brian Hardwood from The Southern Bluegrass Fantasy Football Championship (@TheSBFFC), a regular supporter in many of our #DoGoodFantasy fantasy games, has offered to donate portions of all proceeds from both of his One and Done playoff games to our efforts to help raise funds & awareness for DAV (Disabled American Veterans).

Sign up for the $50 & $100 ONE AND DONE style Survivor contest today for the NFL playoffs!

It is like a Survivor contest, but you pick a lineup of players each week. It is what is called a ONE AND DONE format. You will select players each week of the playoffs. You cannot select a player more than once though. The SBFFC is doing two different contests, a $50 and a $100 contest…In the $50 contest, you can do three entries for $125. For the $100 contest, you can do two entries for $250.

Last year, there was $3900 paid out in prizes for the $50 one and done, $1600 paid out in prizes for the $100 one and done.


Since starting our #DoGoodFantasy efforts in 2019 we’ve raised close to $30,000 to help disabled veterans through fun games with fantasy friends like you! I can’t thank you enough for your support.

If you’d like to make a donation directly to DAV or a bonus gift to the cause, you can always donate directly at

Be on the lookout for more great #DoGoodFantasy games from me, starting with our #DoGoodFantasy Best Balls in April.

Thanks again for your support!


Dan Clasgens

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