Office Pool Picks: Week 18

January 4, 2024

This marks the end of the 20th regular season of posting NFL picks here at This year has definitely been unique in many ways. It’s time to finish strong. Here are my Office Pool Picks for Week 18.

16 Cowboys at WAS
15 Jaguars at TEN
14 Bucs at CAR
13 Bengals vs. CLE
12 Lions vs. MIN
11 Saints vs. ATL
10 Seahawks at ARI
9 Eagles at NYG
8 Steelers at BAL
7 Texans at IND
6 Raiders vs. DEN
5 Bills at MIA
4 Patriots vs. NYJ
3 Bears at GB
2 49ers vs. LAR
1 Chiefs at LAC

Season Record: 159-97-0


Lo0k back at the 2023 fantasy football season with Dan Clasgens & James Adams…

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Each week I will pick two games, my “Play it Safe” selection as well as my “Out on a Limb” pick:

Play It Safe (14-3): Bucs at CAR
For one final time I will bet against the Panthers here. I’ve done it seven times this year and it has gone 7-0. The Bucs win the division with a victory and Carolina is the worst team in the league. That’s enough for me.

Out on a Limb (12-5): Jaguars at TEN
Jacksonville also has plenty on the line in their contest and facing an inferior opponent on the road. Tennessee has been tough at times at home and we all remember the Jags choking in the final week vs. a divisional foe last year. I’m good with rolling with Duval here, but just know it comes with a fair amount of risk.

After last week’s Browns over the Jets win, it’s time to recap my 2023 performance on TNF picks. My pick of the week finished 9-6-1 with a +$260 profit. My SGP picks lost $160 through the year. So in the end I ended up $100 on the year overall on Thursday Night Football.

This will be the final Office Pool Picks this year, but be sure to keep up with my Beat the Book picks all the way through the Super Bowl.

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