KFFSC Coming Back to Cincinnati

June 13, 2020

The Kentucky Fantasy Football State Championship (KFFSC) is returning to Cincinnati on Sunday, August 23 for an eighth year of high-stakes fantasy football action. The event is set to take place at Hard Rock Casino in downtown Cincinnati.


KFFSC commissioner Ferrell Elliott is happy to see the event continue to grow in the Cincinnati market each year and that it remains on track as things start to open back up around the region in the wake of COVID-19.

“It’s been an unusual year for all of us in the sports world, but I am pleased that we can look forward to an on time start for the 2020 NFL season.”

The KFFSC Main Event is the primary league draft. Up to 600 teams will compete for the state championship title. The eventual Champion will win a grand prize of $15,000, an FFPC bid (for the following league year) valued at $1,850, and a custom trophy valued at $500.

The KFFSC launched a new and improved website and league management system last year to help make the experience better than ever before!

“This is your chance to graduate from your hometown league and drafting in the basement and play for some high stakes,” Elliott claimed. “Our experience is the best the region has to offer in the growing fantasy sports industry.”


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After nearly two decades of operation, the KFFSC has grown into one of the largest high-stakes fantasy football events outside of Las Vegas in the country.

The Cincinnati event is the kickoff to the draft season inside the KFFSC Main Event, with the pinnacle being a three-day weekend (Aug 28-30) at Caesars Casino & Resort just outside of Louisville.

“Over the years we’ve seen several top 5 finishers come from our Cincinnati drafts, including our 2016 overall state champion James Adams ,” Elliott added.

However, there are several other leagues too with draft going on now. If you can’t make it Cincinnati or Louisville there plenty of online leagues too. Check out the complete list of options.

FOR MORE INFORMATION GO TO KFFSC.COM or call the Commish Ferrell Elliott at 502-523-5057

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