How to Find the Best Sports Betting Websites

December 21, 2020

Sports betting is hardly a new concept and in fact people have been laying down wagers on their favorites sports for decades. Even the idea of online sports betting is a couple of decades old. However, amazingly online sportsbooks are still growing in popularity, which means many people are only now discovering the ability to wager on sports online.

What is driving this growth? Well, in the United States more states are legalizing online sportsbooks, making them accessible to more people. Of course, places like Nevada has always had sports betting. So, if you are looking for the best Nevada sports betting apps or sportsbooks from other locations, what do you need to look for?

In this article we will tell you!

Pick a Trusted Venue

The number one most important thing to ensure when you choose an online sportsbook is to select a reputable provider. Whether on website or mobile app, you want your chosen sports betting site to be trustworthy. Safety is hugely important because you will be sharing personal and financial details with the sportsbook company. Research is your best friend, and you should check your chosen location has proper licensing from recognized gambling authorities and regulatory bodies.

Available Bets

Even if you have specific sports or bets you want to make, choosing a venue with a wide selection of available sports and bets is ideal. Some sportsbooks will have more sports than others. Of course, the main major sports will be covered, such as NFL, NBA, and soccer. However, some sports betting websites will have more obscure sports and much smaller leagues and competitions. Betting lines across sports and games is important and having as many available betting options as possible makes for more fun.


Next up, you want a website that is easy to use and understand. That’s true of any online service you use and certainly extends to sportsbooks. A simple website that is clean and provides easy navigation is better than spending too much time just looking for what you want to bet on. The best online sports betting venues will allow you to log in and find bets in seconds. Forget about fuss and look for a site that provides efficiency.


Almost all online sportsbooks and casinos provide an array of bonuses for newcomers and existing members. Be sure to shop around a little for the best welcome offer before choosing a sports betting app. Promotions range from free bets to free money, but be warned you must fulfil wager requirements before you trigger a bonus.

Device Compatibility

We live in a mobile world where most people consumer entertainment almost entirely on their smartphones. Many sportsbook bettors still like to use a desktop site, but the tide is changing as more casual gamblers look for the thrill of sports betting. As such, you want the sportsbook you choose to function equally well across PC and mobile hardware.

Customer Care

Lastly, how well the sportsbook treats its customers is important. It’s not just about being polite, but also solving problems when they arise. You spend money on a sports betting site, so if issues happen you want to know the company will handle it rapidly and with minimum fuss. A good start is a service that has many points of contact, such as email, phone, and perhaps best of all, 24/7 live online chat.


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