NFL Draft Bible Scouting Director Joe Everett has spent a ton of time going around and watching the Class of 2017 prospects up close. He joined us on Episode 2 of The GetSportsInfo Podcast to preview this year’s NFL Draft.

After jumping back into the world of podcasting with our Relaunch – Episode 1 earlier in April, The GetSportsInfo Podcast returns with a deep dive into the 2017 NFL Draft and more.

In Episode 2 I discuss the following:

Opening Drive

  • Marshawn Lynch to the Raiders?
  • The Patriots backfield changes
  • Jimmy Garoppolo – Will he get dealt?

Friends in Fantasy

I talked with NFL Draft Bible Scouting Director Joe Everett on these topics and more:

  • Top 10 Picks
  • Wheeling and Dealing – teams poised to trade
  • Running backs that could make immediate impact
  • Comparing this WR class to other recent years
  • Are there any franchise QB’s?
  • Defensive differnece makers
  • 2nd and 3rd Day Names to Watch


  • NFL Draft Bust – the worst draft pick your favorite NFL team ever made. Hear me go off on my Akili Smith rant like never before.

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