The NFL Players Who Impressed Us In 2018

December 17, 2018

There have been some huge performances by NFL stars over the course of 2018 which have been mightily impressive, but as the end of the year approaches, we’re taking a look at those who really stood head and shoulders above the rest and more importantly, why.

While everybody will have their own view on the handful of players who have taken the NFL by storm in 2018, there are a few who will be on everyone’s list no doubt.

Two players who immediately stand out are Patrick Mahomes and Drew Brees, with an ongoing battle between the pair seemingly underway as they compete to become the NFL’s MVP. While Patrick Mahomes headed into the season with huge expectations on his shoulders, he has not only delivered, but over delivered in a sense and exceeded those expectations. The player has consistently delivered and looked to get better as the season has gone on.

Mahomes was labelled by many as the NFL’s next deadly gunslinger, and the Kansas City Chief’s star has shown he is capable of making huge throws on the run or in the pocket, and this has helped the Chiefs climb to the top of the AFC West. Mahomes has been integral in everything good about Kansas City this season, leading the way where touchdowns are concerned, so it’s no surprise he’s currently leading the race with the bookies to be declared the NFL MVP.

Mahomes’ main rival for the MVP crown is Drew Brees, who is enjoying an extraordinary campaign so far. Brees must be championed for his efforts as at 39, he’s still ripping teams apart with his laser like precision like he’s in his early twenties. Brees has rolled back the years to deliver accuracy like no other, and while he may not be the gunslinger that Mahomes is, his precision simply can’t be matched or rivaled. Brees is the deadliest quarterback in the NFL right now, especially where passing is concerned.

Brees might bean old dog, but the player has got the tricks in his arsenal to baffle even the most resolute defenders in the NFL. Brees, like Mahomes, has performed consistently well and that’s why he’s up there with the bookmaker’s right now. Mahomes might be ahead, with many people fancying him as the pick of the two, but the battle is far from over and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see the 39-year-old triumph as then Fl MVP.

Other players who have impressed in 2018 are the likes of Philip Rivers, Jared Goff, Aaron Donald, Andrew Luck and Todd Gurley. While they have all shone over the course of the year, Mahomes and Brees are way out in front in the race to be named the NFL MVP. It would take a mighty effort for one of Rivers, Goff, Donald, Luck or Gurley to overthrow the favorites, but I guess you can never say never where sport and especially NFL is concerned.

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