Office Pool Picks – Week 18

January 7, 2023

I am back for one last time this season to help you close out your Confidence and Survivor pools. Here are my Office Pool Picks for Week 18.

16 49ers vs. ARI
15 Eagles vs. NYG
14 Chiefs at LV
13 Bengals vs. BAL
12 Bills vs. NE
11 Cowboys at WAS
10 Jaguars vs. TEN
9 Seahawks vs. LAR
8 Vikings at CHI
7 Steelers vs. CLE
6 Packers vs. DET
5 Chargers at DEN
4 Panthers at NO
3 Falcons vs. TB
2 Jets at MIA
1 Colts vs. HOU

Season Record: 161-92-2


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Each week I will pick two games, my “Play it Safe” selection as well as my “Out on a Limb” pick:

Play It Safe (15-2): Jaguars vs. TEN
If you have the 49ers, Eagles, Chiefs, Bengals, Bills, or Cowboys left I’d play them all ahead of Jacksonville, but the Jaguars are the team most likely available for many of us still picking. Playing at home and much better on both sides of the ball of late I am picking the young Jags to take the AFC South and keep a mediocre Titans home this postseason.

Out on a Limb (9-8): Seahawks vs. LAR
I’ll get the Rams credit for not quitting. Cam Akers proved he’s back to being the man and Baker Mayfield definitely has helped his stock heading to the offseason. However, with the 12th man on their side and the playoffs lives on the line I am going with Geno Smith and the Seahawks here.

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