GSI Playoff Fantasy Rankings

January 3, 2019

The NFL playoffs have arrived and so too has more fantasy fun. Whether your playing in a contest where you draft players for the entire postseason or just picking guys for Wildcard Weekend we have you covered.


For our entire playoff rankings it really boils down to which teams you think will win. Getting as many games out of your players is key.

This year’s NFL playoffs are about as wide open as I can remember so I don’t plan on doing too many heavy stacks during my drafting, but I do generally still like that approach.

With home-field advantage locked up, the Saints and Chiefs are likely the best bets. From there the Rams and Patriots also are appealing. The Bears are my favorite wildcard weekend team to have a shot at three games. With the Eagles being the team I desire the least. I will sprinkle in Seahawks, Cowboys, Texans, Chargers, Ravens and Colts as the draft comes to me.

Here’s a look at my Entire Playoff Rankings:



For those of you picking players just for this weekend, here’s my Wildcard Round Rankings:

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