Dominate your league this season with a personal touch! After ranking as one of the most accurate fantasy experts in the industry over the past couple seasons, I am ready to help you win your league championship in 2017.

After answering thousands of fantasy football questions for the past 15+ years the demand has gotten to be too much to handle. Therefore, this year I’ve decided the only way to continue to offer it will be as a premium-only service. That will allow me to focus on it more, provide more in-depth analysis and still GUARANTEE a timely response.

I will still answer a few questions on Twitter as time permits and during a few scheduled times, but most will go unfortunately go unanswered.

However, with packages that start less than $1 per week you can get the answers you need on your tough questions from yours truly!

Let’s dominate together,

Dan Clasgens
27 years of fantasy experience



-Access from now through December 31st
-Up to two email replies per week to your fantasy questions
-Guaranteed 24-hour response time / 1-hour Sunday AM response time

-Access now through December 31st
-Unlimited replies to your email questions
-Guaranteed 24-hour response time / 1-hour Sunday AM response time


Here’s what just some that have used my email advice in the past have said…

John P
“No questions just saying thank u for your help all year with Brady or Rodgers. Anyway i won the Super Bowl today in a runaway so again thank you for all your help.”

Donna B
“Thanks for all your help in getting me to the playoffs.”

Gary B
“Once again, thanks for all of the advice this year. I made it to the Super Bowl in both of my leagues.”

Tony R
“Your detailed answers are second to none and amazingly nearly every week, you gave the right answer. Made the Super Bowl in 3 of my 4 leagues with your rankings and email advice!”

Cindy S
“Can I just hire you to run my teams next year, seriously? Made the playoffs in all three leagues this year with your help on waiver wire and with my lineups.”