I offer up my quick takes on the McKinnon, Penny and Parker injuries and wrap of our division previews with a deep dive into the AFC East in Episode 65 of The GetSportsInfo Podcast.

The Opening Drive

 Don’t wait to start your prep. Mock now in just minutes…

AFC East Preview

  • Patriots
    • Brady defies Father Time
    • Splitting backfield touches
    • High on Hogan
    • Man crush continues on Gronk
  • Bills
    • QB quagmire
    • Move off McCoy
    • Buffalo league’s worst WR’s?
    • Clay all the way
  • Dolphins
    • Tannehill returns
    • Drake’s fantasy value – real or fake?
    • Life without Landry
    • Guessing on Gesicki
  • Jets
    • Sam I am
    • Powell vs. Crowell
    • Rocking Robby
    • The rest of the targets

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