LeSean McCoy in the news, the Scoff Fish Bowl and the AFC South are all among the topics on the slate for Episode 59 of The GetSportsInfo Podcast. Jim Day from FightingChanceFantasy.com joined us to break things down.

The Opening Drive

  • Accusations against McCoy
  • Scott Fish Bowl 8 (#SFB)
    • The Cause
    • The Scoring
    • Early picks
  • Scott Fish Bowl 8
  • My latest at PFF & on SiriusXM

FRIEND IN FANTASY: Jim Day (@FantasyTaz)

Don’t wait to start your prep. Mock now in just minutes…

AFC South Preview

  • Jaguars
    • Trust-level on Fournette
    • Bortles surprising production
    • Battle for Targets at WR
    • Is Austin Sefarian-Jenkins worth a stab?
  • Titans
    • Mariota Makeover
    • Corey Davis Bounce back?
    • Delanie Delight
    • Henry vs. Lewis
  • Colts
    • To Luck or not to Luck
    • Y. and nothing else
    • Dual TE’s
    • Backfield blues
  • Texans
    • Watch Watson
    • How high on Hopkins?
    • Full go on Fuller
    • Moving on Miller

[I apologize but during this recording there were connection issues that I was unaware of. It led to a few sections being slightly jumbled. Thank you for your understanding. We will work to minimize those issues in the future].

Next Episode: 2018 NFC West Primer

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