Dan Clasgens and James Adams took a deep dive into the NFC South in the latest episode of the Fantistics Insider Football Podcast talking about players they like and some they don’t for the upcoming fantasy football season from the Bucs, Saints, Falcons and Panthers (recorded 7/4/22).

  • Getting started
    • Keep up with our pod
    • Weekend Mornings on SiriusXM
    • Fantistics Draft Advisor Launch
  • Bucs (13-4)
    • Brady Effect
    • Feeling Fournette
    • Mike Evans love
  • Saints (9-8)
    • Kamara suspension looming
    • Can’t trust Thomas
    • Some Saints sleepers

  • Falcons (7-10)
    • Pitts is ranked right
    • Can Patterson repeat?
    • Weapons lacking
  • Panthers (5-12)
    • Mulling McCaffrey 
    • Baker or bust
    • DJ all the way

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